This is a bespoke opportunity to have individual coaching and leadership mentorship, with a focus on honing your long-term vision and developing practical strategies to align your business with that vision. Mentoring is one-on-one and can include creative and technical training as well as business and career development ranging from revenue generation and business planning to strategic networking and work/life rhythms. Each session will be tailored to your goals and needs.

One-time Strategy Session  |    $500

3 hour session over the course of 1 day 

Goal: career and vision development


One-time/Intensive  |    $1,000

6 hour intensive session over the course of 1 day 

Goal: career and vision development, business strategy for implementation


Ongoing/Intensive  |  $2,400

12 one-hour sessions, weekly over the course of 3 months 

Goal: career and vision development, 90 day jumpstart business strategy, immediate implementation


Ongoing/Long-term  |  $3,600

12 one-hour sessions, monthly over the course of a year 

Goal: career and vision development, 12 month business strategy, long-term accountability & professional development

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