We specialize in high-impact revenue strategy and major donor development for nonprofits.
IMPACT Global Strategies | Nonprofit Communicaions Consulting



IMPACT Global Strategies is a boutique strategic advisory firm that specializes in helping mid-size nonprofits create long-term success through maximizing the giving potential of their major donor portfolio and strategically engaging with foundations. 


We partner with organizations in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East where we expand the bandwidth of development leaders through outsourced high-capacity leadership and high-impact growth strategies. We develop deep relationships and integral knowledge of the teams we work with, serving only a select number of clients so that we can function as a seamless extension of the organization.


Our clients integrate us into their teams when they need expanded bandwidth and practical, strategic leadership to optimize their growth potential.


We have worked alongside more than 25 advocacy organizations and nonprofits around the globe helping them create strategic major donor communications, launch capital campaigns, and engage with foundations. Our partners are future-focused and aspire to make a transformational impact in the humanitarian sector. We help equip them with the engine to get there. 

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With a broad base of global experience and 15+ years of experience in strategic communications and donor development, our team will help expand your capacity as a leader and increase the bandwidth of your development team through:

OUTSOURCED MAJOR DONOR DEVELOPMENT  | We provide a seamless, integrated experience to help your nonprofit build the systems and structures it needs to maximize and expand the capacity of your major donor portfolio. We execute - from conception to execution - in order to nurture and deepen your major donors’ trust and investment in your organization. We serve as an extension of your team. 


RESEARCH & DATABASE DEVELOPMENT  |  We have built a proprietary database of over 5,000 foundations that have a vision for funding humanitarian work. We work closely with nonprofits to research and identify their own custom database of foundations, pulling from our own resources and elsewhere, that are aligned with their specific mission and vision. 


STRATEGIC FOUNDATION ENGAGEMENT  |  We are experienced in effectively engaging targeted foundations and generating significant revenue from them for our clients, as well as equipping our partners to craft strategic proposals and create their own processes for long-term engagement.  



To reshape what is considered possible, to change the way people walk through the world, to stand up to oppression and injustice, to lift someone else in their journey - that is an IMPACT worth having.






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“Partnering with the IMPACT Global team has been a great experience for African Mission Healthcare. They have helped to lead a $7.5 million capital campaign and, at the same time, supported our efforts to improve our broader core donor development strategy and activities.  I have been consistently impressed with their level of expertise, creativity, and dedication to excellence."


—  Scott Marcello, President, African Mission Healthcare